Communication in Maldives

Currently Dhiraagu and Wataniya Telecom provide the communication services in the Maldives. International roaming is available in Maldives and Internet access is available at most of the accommodation facilities and cafes.


Dhiraagu offers a comprehensive range of fixed, mobile, Internet and data services throughout the Maldives including installation, maintenance and repair of all the services.

Fixed Line Services
In 1999, Dhiraagu successfully completed providing fixed line access to all 200 inhabited islands in the country, overcoming almost insurmountable geographical and logistical challenges. Today every inhabitant in the Maldives is within easy walking distance of a telephone. There are over 130 lines per 100 households in Male’ and approximately 40 lines per 100 households in other islands with residential telephone service. This equates to 1 telephone per 9 of population nationally and 1 telephone for every 3 persons in the capital – the highest in South Asia.

GSM Services
The DhiMobile GSM service was introduced in October 1999. Originally available in the islands in the Male’ area, coverage has since been extended to all 88 tourist resorts and more than 105 inhabited islands covering over 73% of the population .Today 1 in 2 adults in the country use a GSM phone.

Dhiraagu offers a number of value added services such as SMS, CallerID,Fixed Line Services GSM Services Fax and Data, Voicemail, FaxMail and Pre-Paid service. GSM International Roaming service is available with over 158 operators in more than 70 countries allowing over 75% of visitors to the Maldives to use their mobile phone in the Maldives.

Internet Services
Dhiraagu introduced Internet service to the Maldives in October 1996, initially via dial-up at up to 28.8kbps. Since then the service has been enhanced continuously, offering customers higher access speeds, multiple access options and reduced cost of Internet usage. Today our customers have a choice of high quality PSTN and ISDN dial-up,dedicated leased connections, ADSL broadband and two-way direct satellite access to suit their requirements and budgets. Public Internet access is available to over 40% of the population through CyberCafes directly operated by Dhiraagu across the country. On a further 60 islands, public Internet access is offered by private parties in partnership with Dhiraagu.

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Wataniya Telecom Maldives

Wataniya services includes;

Voice services are available to all with no set up or monthly fees.

Voicemail, Text messaging (SMS), Picture messaging (MMS)

Roaming service allows you to use your mobile services when you travel abroad.

Mobile Internet
Allows internet access on your mobile phone. It is an ‘always on’ service, so you are not paying for dial up connection and can stay connected for as long as you like.

Push to Talk
TalkPlan and TalkBusiness customers can enjoy this new service. It’s like using the phone as a ‘walkie-talkie’. You get this service automatically and there’s no setup fee.

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