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Sounds of Maldives is a friendly, nation based traditional music label set in the heart of Maldivian Traditional Music inclusive of modern music trend by Harubee with the aim of promoting the beautiful island world of Maldives through the medium of music around the globe. Over the last two years, Bodu Beru has established a unique atmosphere that has drawn musicians and singers from throughout the country and the tourists to be attracted with the talent and the style performed by Harubee presenting the traditional entertainment of music on various occasions. With this new medium, Sounds of Maldives will be a brand which promotes the destination using the culture and the talent of Maldivian entertainers.

We have a fantastic line up this year as the year of branding and introduction, including the famous artist Unoosha scheduled to introduce her first destination promotion single in English namely, “Maldives”, The Five to perform along with E.Sa, Shamoon, Umar and Mira on this list as guest artist which performs with the full fledged twenty one performers of Harubee as the Sounds of Maldives.

Whilst, Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation onboard as an official partner of this unique event “SOUNDS OF MALDIVES”, the organizer ensures that this is going to be the most festive event to display the culture, heritage and our tradition in relevant with music to the visitors. The event is supported by VTV and Kuda Bandos being the Official Host of the Launching, and supporting partners Liveaboard Association of Maldives, MATATO, Capital Travel, Blue Horizon, Maldives Visiting Guide, VTV and Cruise Maldives.

The event will take place at Kuda Bandos, North Male’ atoll on 19th May 2011 and the tickets of the event will be available for MRF 150 per person at Highrise, Highway, Baywatch, Music World. The ticket price includes return transfers to Kuda Bandos.

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