The Gastronomic Delights Of The Maldives

Posted on August 18, 2011, Updated on January 12, 2024 by My Maldives

Culinary Delights of The Maldives

If the Maldives beaches aren’t enough, or you’re just starving after a long day of scuba diving, the cuisine of these islands will surprise you and satisfy you. With fresh ingredients and a focus on seafood, the Maldives cuisine you find will make you wonder whether you can go back to the way you eat when you’re at home.

Different Foods for Different Travelers

Due to the very location of the Maldives being between Sri Lanka and India, many new foods have gradually been introduced and different cooking styles have influenced the current menus. This mixing of cultures has culminated in a blend of styles resulting in a unique cuisine. However, in addition to local dishes, it is usual for a Maldives resort to offer a diverse menu of foods including: Chinese, Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Sri Lankan and Continental

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What You May Eat in the Maldives

The Maldives’ primary source of meat is seafood, especially tuna. Freshly caught fish makes for a delicious meal and the talents of the chefs will amaze you. As with many tropical islands, there is also an abundance of fruit and vegetables. The Maldivian diet is healthy, fresh, and satisfying.

Some authenic cuisine in the Maldives includes:

  • Bajiyaa – fish, onions, and coconut stuffed pastry
  • Fihunu mas – barbequed fish, marinated with chili peppers
  • Gulha – smoked fish stuffed pastry balls
  • Keemia – deep fried fish rolls
  • Kulhi boakibaa – spicy fish cake
  • Mas huni – shredded and smoked fish, mixed with onions and grated coconut
  • Masroshi – mas huni wrapped in a roshi bread and baked
  • Theluli mas – fried fish with garlic and chili peppers

In the more westernized parts of the Maldives, such as the capital, Malé, you can expect to find many restaurants serving western dishes alongside eastern food and local dishes. If you like the option of a more familiar meal, or you have children with particular tastes, you won’t be disappointed.

The unique taste of Maldivian cuisine is light and fresh, and it fits into the active lifestyle on the islands. Take time to try the different offerings of the Maldives to see what the people have eaten in their own homes for generations.

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