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Ten Dive Centers from Male Atoll will be joining thousands of scuba divers,snorkelers and ocean lovers from around the world to celebrate Dive for Earth Day, an international Earth Day event during the week of 22 April.

150 divers from Maldivers Diving Center, Planeta Divers, Divers Lodge, Ocean Diving Desk, Vadoo Diving Club, Sea Explorers Associates, Bolifushi Diving Center, Multi Marine Services, Dive Centre Laguna and the Coast Guard will come together on 22 April 2007 for the underwater clean up of Old Shark Point, a dive site located on the outer reef of Thilafushi Island.

In addition, an awareness program for a 100 students from schools in Malé will be conducted on 23 February 2007.

Dive for Earth Day 2007 is exclusively sponsored by Dive Shop, sole distributors of Scubapro products in Maldives. This event is supported by PADI Project AWARE and Ministry of Environment, Energy and Water.

Our main aim is to bring attention to the growing threats faced by our fragile underwater ecosystems. At the moment the state of our environment is simply a non-issue in the politics of our country. We hope to influence the policy makers to do something about it, says Azim Musthaq, Dive Instructor from Maldivers Diving Center.

This is the first time that divers from such diverse backgrounds are uniting to act together. We hope by the end of this event, we would have built a network of proactive divers who will in the future act in a united effort for the protection of our environment, he says.

For more information please contact:
Azim Musthag,
T: +960 771 9555
E: [email protected].

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