Meemu Atoll

Meemu Atoll, also known as Mulaku Atoll, is a Maldives administrative division. It is located in the archipelago’s southernmost region and consists of 33 islands, only 13 of which are inhabited. With a population of about 9,500 people, the atoll is one of the smaller atolls in terms of population.

The name “Mulaku” is thought to have come from the local word “mula,” which refers to a type of hardwood tree that was once abundant in the area. The atoll is also known as “Mulakatolhu,” which means “the lagoon of Mulaku.”

The atoll is well-known for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, making it a popular destination for tourists visiting the Maldives to enjoy the natural beauty. The atoll also has a diverse marine life, making it a popular snorkeling and diving destination.

Muli Island, which is also the capital of the Meemu Atoll, is one of the main islands in the atoll. Muli Island is well-known for its traditional Maldivian culture and lifestyle. Visitors can purchase traditional Maldivian handicrafts such as woven mats and baskets from the island’s small market and a few local shops.

Kolhufushi Island, which has a historical mosque, is another island worth visiting in the atoll. The mosque, which is said to date from the 12th century, is a rare example of traditional Maldivian architecture. The island has a small population of about 200 people and is known for its tranquility and serenity.

Despite the fact that there are no Buddhist ruins on Meemu Atoll, the area has a rich history. The 1573 wreck of Kalhuohfummi off the south eastern reef of Kolhuvaariyaafushi island is one of the most significant events in the atoll’s history. At the time, the Kalhuohfummi was a Portuguese ship passing through the Maldives. The shipwreck is now a popular destination for divers, who come to explore the ship’s wreckage and the treasures said to be hidden within it.

Meemu Atoll is a small but lovely Maldives administrative division. It is well-known for its white sandy beaches, clear waters, and diverse marine life. The atoll has a distinct history and culture, as evidenced by its traditional architecture and way of life. Visitors to the atoll can enjoy a peaceful and serene atmosphere while also exploring the Maldives’ natural beauty and rich history.

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Meemu Atoll
135 km from Malé city
Meemu Atoll
128 km from Malé city