Thaa Atoll

Thaa Atoll, also known as Kolhumadulu Atoll, is one of the Maldives’ administrative divisions. It is made up of the same-named natural atoll and is located in the country’s south. Thaa Atoll is made up of 66 islands, only 13 of which are inhabited by a population of about 12,000 people.

The atoll is 143 square kilometers in size and is surrounded by a large lagoon, making it a popular destination for water activities like snorkeling and diving. The atoll is also well-known for its abundance of marine life, which includes a variety of fish, sharks, turtles, and rays.

Thaa Atoll’s capital island is Veymandoo, which is located on the atoll’s western side. It is Thaa Atoll’s largest island and is home to the majority of the atoll’s population. Veymandoo is well-known for its long sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and traditional Maldivian houses constructed of coral blocks.

Thaa Atoll has a long history, with archaeological evidence indicating that it has been inhabited since antiquity. During the reign of King Koimala, who united all atolls of the Maldives under one Kingdom for the first time, the island was known as Kolhumaduva. Thaa Atoll is also known for its traditional crafts, such as lacquer work and weaving, which have been passed down from generation to generation.

The Vattaru Reef, a circular coral reef that surrounds the small islet of Vattaru, is one of Thaa Atoll’s most popular attractions. The reef is known for its vibrant coral gardens and diverse marine life, which includes various fish and sea turtle species. The reef is popular for diving and snorkeling and is accessible from several of Thaa Atoll’s inhabited islands.

Another notable attraction in Thaa Atoll is Koimala Island, which is thought to have been the Maldives’ ancient capital during the reign of King Koimala. There are several historical sites on the island, including the ruins of an ancient palace and a mosque from the 12th century.

Thaa Atoll is also known for its traditional Maldivian cuisine, which includes dishes like fish curry, mas huni (a tuna, coconut, and onion mixture), and roshi (a type of flatbread). Because of the atoll’s proximity to the sea, seafood is a staple of the local diet, with fish and octopus being popular options.

Thaa Atoll is a lovely and peaceful destination that gives visitors a taste of traditional Maldivian life. Thaa Atoll is a must-see for anyone visiting the Maldives, thanks to its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and abundance of marine life.