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The beauty of Maldives is indeed addictive. Once you sample the heady mixture of secluded serenity, thrilling water sports activities, soothing spas, relaxing beaches all wrapped in the luxurious comfort of modern amenities - you are bound to want the experience again.

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Premier Resort Destinations

Spa Resorts

Spa Resorts

Maldives spa resorts are known to offer the finest spa services. The spa resorts combine the highest standards of luxury and service, with world-class spa treatments.

Luxury Resorts

Luxury Resorts

In deed the luxury traveler is blessed for choice among the most well known tourist destination in the world. Elegant luxury resorts that could weave your dream vacation.

Honeymoon Resorts

Honeymoon Resorts

Only a honeymoon in Maldives will give you that opportunity to make the best of every second of this valuable and romantic time with each other in total privacy.

Dive Resorts

Explore Underwater

The Maldives is perhaps best known to most people as a dive destination. Spectacular dive sites within a few fin kicks from quality accommodation and excellent service.

Family Resorts

Family Holidays

Many of the resorts are especially designed to cater for family holidays. Equipped with child-care centers, children’s game, children’s pools and many other activities.

Budget Resorts

Maldives for Everyone

Some of the resorts aim to allow you the opportunity to experience the Maldives holidays at more affordable rates. These resorts make the idyllic, tropical experience.